In-person missions did not die with COVID-19. Although it might have felt like it, especially for the Youth Ministry which was engaging in missional activities twice a month, and more in other months. The second Wednesday of the month, the Youth Ministry is back out engaging with our neighbors, loving our earth, and assisting in doing things that few people do; all in an effort to love others. Students recently came out to re-engage in in-person missions, and while it didn’t look the same, with everyone having a mask on, we soon found out that it was enough. Great conversations still happened in the midst of serving. Laughter surrounded the evening as students and adults caught up on a variety of topics. Meaningful conversations happened for both students and adults as the work was being completed. In the end, the students and adult leaders picked up a 45-gallon trash bag worth of trash along Miller Street. Another neat thing about being back outside serving was the engagement with total strangers. Twice during the evening of picking up trash people either stopped their cars or slowed down to thank the students for their help in keeping the neighborhood clean. We find that when we are following the steps of Jesus, people take notice. We were thankful for the chance to be back together but, more than that, to have the chance to love others, the chance to be community again, and the chance to see with our own eyes what a difference we can all make for the sake of God’s kingdom.
– Dane Martin

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