As we drive around the city, Finley continually asks me about the people standing by the road asking for food and money. He always asks why they are there, and how we can help them. We haven’t given money, nor have we supported them in any capacity, and this continues to bother Finley because he sees people in need and knows we should help. Saturday, while the hurricane was hitting the state of North Carolina, some adults, youth, and children were across the street from the bus station providing box lunches, water, and ponchos to people experiencing homelessness and others waiting for their bus. When I told Finley about the opportunity to help other people, he jumped at the chance. “Daddy, I want to help!” is what I heard right after asking if he wanted to go. About eight of us showed up on this rainy, wet day to support people in our community who couldn’t get away from the weather. We showed up, which is step one; but Finley and Warren not only showed up, they brought their desire to help and a joy about serving. Right from the start, both boys jumped at the chance to hand out the lunches, food, and ponchos. They met the people we served with a smile and a “hope you have a good day!” If a person didn’t think they needed one of the items, well … the boys gave them one anyway and usually the person took it. Reflecting on that afternoon, I realize that we witnessed God at work through our children. They were willing participants in the transformative work that God does. If you ask someone about the food, I am sure they appreciated the meal. But I would bet they would talk more about the boys who gave them more than they wanted. They would share about the smiles those boys gave them, how excited they were to be there in the rain to help out. It was refreshing to see the joy, happiness, and excitement in doing something very simple. It’s a reminder of what Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:3). We have a lot to learn from the children around us. If we provide them opportunities, they will show us how to serve and do it with joy. We will be shown the way to provide over and beyond what someone needs, to bless them with presence and excitement. I am thankful to have experienced them on that day. How are you allowing the eyes of a child to change your sight of our city, of people, of our church?
– Dane Martin

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