In staff meeting, while we were talking about where we have seen God at work, I leapt at the chance to share this story. Recently in KidNection, we had an elementary-age child who was a guest. It was his first time at our church and in KidNection. I was the only person in the room he knew and we had only met twenty minutes earlier. He came up to me in the middle of KidNection and told me he was scared and nervous. He was actually shaking. I comforted him with words and presence and stood with my arm around his shoulders. One of our 7th graders, Will Baldwin, noticed the child and thoughtfully approached him and asked if he was scared. The boy said he was. Will gently spoke to him about how Will would be his friend. The two of them sat next to each other and the boy stopped shaking and was able to settle in and know he had a friend. So many times in life we just need to know someone is walking with us and has compassion for us. Will was the presence of Christ that day in KidNection.
I love it when I can spot who God is working through. I stand in awe of how God works through each of us, but for some reason I rejoice even more fully when it happens through our young people. I praise God for giving this wonderful work to us of walking alongside people. May we each be like this 7th grade student and give the gift of presence to another.
– Lee Ritchie

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