Preschool Director

Phone: 336-725-3530

Julie Sugg began as the director of the Ardmore Baptist Church Preschool in June 2015.

Having grown up in Davie County, Julie is happy to raise her family in the same small community. Julie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Appalachian State University. Julie is passionate about ongoing training and frequently attends staff development opportunities. She hopes to always be learning and educating herself and her staff.

Ardmore has been Julie’s home church since childhood. She loves working with Preschoolers and has 10 years of experience as a Preschool Director. She does feel like it is her calling to work in Preschool ministry.

Julie is often busy with her own children, but she loves to do charity runs like Jogging for Jonah, which raises money for a preschool family that has a child with epidermolysis bullosa (EB). Julie is passionate about helping children in need, backyard VBS, or supporting a child by spending time with them or helping with physical resources they may need. She is a runner and proudly ran a full marathon that she says took a lot of time, training, and discipline.

“I am passionate about creating a beautiful environment that children want to be in, where they are comfortable, safe, and can explore their surroundings. In education, you can always learn new strategies and approaches. What works for one child doesn’t work for the next. I am excited to be a part of people’s lives and to welcome them each day at preschool. I love going on vacation and visiting new places, or going for a run to clear my head and have some one on one time talking to God.”

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