God is at work all over the place! Do we know it? Do we remember that each day? Do we look for it? Currently, I am seeing God at work even before his greater work is to be done. Do we see that God is at work through our relationships? I don’t know if we see this often or not, but I am seeing God working through our two college students going to Big Stuf this summer, Amanda McIntyre and Matthew Cothran. They heard the call and left what they were doing, whether that was relaxation, or internship, or work, in order to invest in the lives of the youth. Amanda and Matthew decided that investing relationally and building up the next generation was important to them. Whether they realize it or not, an impact will be made that week on our students. They answered the call and now God is preparing to use them! Now I don’t know how God will be at work through them, but I do know he will use them to share his love, compassion, support, etc. with our group and others. Isn’t that what seeing God at work is about? First saying “yes” and then allowing God to work through you. God wants to work through each of us, but we have to answer the call.
– Dane Martin

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