“Encounters with Jesus lead to life change every time.” Sunday morning during our Bible study time we hosted a missionary. Through a Q&A session, Kat was invited to share her story of life change which led to her being overseas serving in an area of China. What happened in that hour could only be described as God speaking through her. Kat shared about her previous hostility toward God and the church, wanting to have nothing to do with either. She talked about who she was as a coach and how her players feared her. We got a glimpse into her life and her disappointment at the trajectory her life had taken. Kat was real with our students, adult leaders, and adults from the Chinese congregation. Kat invited us into a world that many of us haven’t known and challenged each of us to be in relationship with and build connections with those who don’t know Jesus. She said, “I know there were Christians around me, but no one invited me to know Jesus.” We were challenged to be missionaries where God has placed us, and to build relationships with those who don’t know Jesus or might be hostile to him. She shared that it was only the persistence of her brother which brought her to the church. The Holy Spirit then did everything else! Kat came to us as her authentic self, sharing without fear, guilt, or shame … and in doing so challenged us to do the same. We were challenged to be radically warm people who welcome and do life with anyone, especially one who might be hostile to church, because God still speaks and is still in the business of working miracles in all lives. The messy places of life are where God does some of his greatest work. Let’s join in and get messy together!
– Dane Martin

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