Changes in my life always seem to also bring times of reflection. As I have made the transition to Minister of Invitation and Hospitality, I have thought often of the path that brought me here. My thoughts always turn to all the people who so faithfully demonstrated God’s love and character. My earliest memory of hospitality was the lunch my grandmother graciously had prepared for 20 people immediately after church. My mom inspired my love of music as she sang passionately of God’s faithfulness. I still see the faces of the teachers dedicated to sharing God’s word.
As I reflect on those times, I now see that the everyday small moments in our lives are where God often reveals who He is, who He has made us to be, and how He loves us. He uses the times when we are simply doing life together.

This past Sunday at Ardmore, I was especially aware of how God continues to work in this way. I was so moved by the children’s voices as families gathered in the choir to sing “Jesus Loves Me.” Later, I watched as all ages joined around the table to enjoy ice cream, popcorn, and conversation.

Will you join me as we think about these “small” moments? Who has God used in your life? How can you be available to someone else?
– DeNeal Fowler

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