There are moments in life when time stands still and you get to stand in awe of God. I had one such moment the morning Joshua Lowther was baptized. Joshua and I met that morning in the preschool hallway to check in, make sure he had everything he needed, to pray, and wait for the service to begin. It struck me how calm and ready he was for this big event. We talked through it all and then robed up. I find that most children start to get nervous as the worship service begins, but not Joshua. Before I was even ready, he was in the baptismal hallway sitting at the top of the stairs looking out over the water and into the congregation. He wanted to soak it all in. He was ready to be baptized! As he waited and worshiped, he stuck his toes in the water and I couldn’t help but give thanks for his eagerness, his curiosity, and those who had helped him embrace Jesus as his Savior. God is at work in Joshua and I pray that we can continue to be the people God has called us all to be as we help Joshua follow and serve Christ, our Lord, as he begins to walk in the way.
– Lee Ritchie

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