Organ: Zimmer Meets Reuter

Zimmer Organ Console
Reuter Organ Console


The Zimmer organ in Brown Auditorium has been completely removed and the usable pipes from the Zimmer organ have been refurbished, revoiced, and installed with new wind chests to complete the original design and specs of our beautiful Reuter Pipe Organ in the sanctuary. The vision and original dream for our Reuter organ has now become a reality. As our choir president, Andy Ray, says so beautifully, “Re-purposing the Zimmer pipes was a brilliant idea. Combining some of the old with the new builds upon and continues the legacy of an excellent music program at Ardmore and continues to thrill us as we worship God with beautiful music.” Lewtak Organ Company has done a wonderful job with this project. The quality of their work is exceptional! Matthew will be planning a special dedicatory concert this year to celebrate the completion of our organ. We wish to thank our Worship, Music and Arts MALT, Jeanell Brown, Finance Committee, congregation, and all those who have played a part in the planning and support to finish our beautiful Reuter pipe organ in such a meaningful way. Thanks be to God!

Carrying in the Zimmer Pipes

English Horn

Flute Dolce and Flute Dolce Celeste

Gemshorn 16′ and New Relay Switching Unit

Pedal Mixture III and Pipes & Chest

Pipes & Chests 2 and Pipes & Chests 3

Sesquialera II

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