It’s amazing how God can use our talents to tell his story and minister to others, many times without knowing it. Jesse Cockerham has a talent for art. When he went on the mission trip last summer to the Bahamas, he couldn’t have imagined it would take him to New York. Here is his story:

My painting was inspired by the junior and senior mission trip to the Bahamas, where we assisted Haitian refugees. I tried to create a scene that shows the chaos and disaster that struck the community while also showing how the community is still together and going strong. I wanted to bring as many aspects of the community into my painting as possible to show life from their perspective. I wanted the viewer to really see who the people are. My trip to New York to receive the national gold medal for this piece was amazing. I’m so thankful that I was able to share this story at a larger venue so others can understand what’s happening in the Bahamas. – Jesse Cockerham

God is using students like Jesse and others to share his word of love for their neighbor. It doesn’t matter your age, God is always ready if you are.
– Dane Martin

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