Live out your passion and calling through the ministries of the church!

At Ardmore, we believe that every person in the church is called to be a disciple and minister of Christ. Our Shared Ministry Model is designed to give every person who attends our church a place to discover and live out their passion and calling as a disciple.

If you love to work with kids, play an instrument, show compassion to others, or you’re a math whiz, we have a place for you to live your faith!

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Our Shared Ministry Model

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Worship, Music, and Arts

The Worship, Music, and Arts ministry is dedicated to worship Christ through creativity and inspiration. Our mission is to engage our church and community in creative worship, compelling music, and captivating arts. We believe all of these invite life-changing encounters to transform minds through the mystery of God, transform hearts through the love of God, and transform lives in response to God.

We love that our church is known for its excellence in music and arts education, and is dedicated to teaching music fundamentals and skills to all ages. Our music and worship are mostly traditional in style, enriched with creative elements that are thematic, participatory, and engaging with Christ-centered relevant preaching.

To learn more, contact David Fitzgerald, Minister of Worship, Music, & Arts at 336-725-8767 or

Missional Engagement

Our Missional Engagement team strives to fulfill the goals of serving, giving, and support in our community. We believe that Christ calls us to serve those in need. Our members enjoy the sense of fulfillment and connection experienced during their ministry outreach to the homeless, jobless, refugees, the elderly, those in financial and food crisis, those who suffer from illnesses, and children in need of educational support.

Here are a few of the causes we are involved in:

  • Hunger 2 Health: Food security and educational ministries to Ashley Academy.
  • Pivot Ministry: Mentoring ministry to women seeking to a new approach to life and work.
  • City With Dwellings: Temporary shelter for homeless women.
  • Crisis Control: Emergency financial, food, and medical assistance.
  • Samaritan Inn: Shelter for homeless men.
  • Solus Christus: Safe house for women overcoming addiction.
  • Handicrafters: Providing handmade, practical, and comfort items to area health and support agencies.
Learn More About The Handicrafters Ministry

The Handicrafters Ministry of Ardmore Baptist Church provides handmade pieces of comfort and care to numerous agencies, hospitals, and other organizations throughout Winston-Salem.

The mission of Handicrafters is two-fold:

  • To provide loving care for people of all ages by sharing our time and talents through handicraft;
  • To minister to people with special needs, either individually or through organizations, by the giving of our time and talents to provide tangible expressions of our love and concern for them.

Employing a passion and talent for sewing, knitting, crocheting, and crafting, thousands of pieces are made each year and delivered across the community, state, nation, and world. In 2016, more than 4,750 volunteer hours resulted in 10,658 items donated!

Agencies we work with include:

  • Newborns in need
  • Foster children’s agencies
  • Amos Cottage
  • Hospitals and medical centers of Lexington, High Point, Winston-Salem, Thomasville, Wilmington, Tarboro, and Asheboro
  • Cancer Services
  • Hospice & Palliative Care Center
  • Kate B. Reynolds Hospice Home
  • Brenner Children’s Hospital
  • The Shepherd’s Center
  • WFUBMC Miller Street Dialysis Center
  • Various nursing and assisted living facilities

Some of the pieces the women of Handicrafters create include:

  • Adult aprons/bibs, fidget aprons for dementia patients, lap robes, neck pillows, knee pillows, walker and wheelchair caddies, and comfort/rainbow dolls;
  • Infant blankets, bibs, burpies, diaper bags, and washcloths;
  • Children’s blankets, pillows w/pillow cases, tote bags and comfort/rainbow dolls.

No matter what your talent or skill level, Handicrafters has a place for you! Join us every Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

To learn more about this ministry, contact Mike Nuckolls, Church Administrator/Minister of Missional Engagement at 336-725-8767 or

Administration and Support

Our Administration and Support ministries are supportive, resourceful, and organized. They create and maintain a church structure that looks upward toward Christ and outward toward our world. Their support functions ensure that all our other ministries are possible. Without them, our church could not continue!

The primary areas of service covered by the administration and support ministry are:

  • Budgeting and Money Management
  • Property Management
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Transportation

To learn more, contact Mike Nuckolls, Church Administrator/Minister of Missional Engagement at 336-725-8767 or

Faith Formation and Engagement

Our Faith Formation and Engagement Ministry is divided into four age groups:

Children and Families

We seek to provide a nurturing and engaging experience for children and families that is formed in faith by God’s word, the work of the Holy Spirit, and in our community with God’s people. We offer many opportunities for children to experience God through worship, Bible study, music, and service. We strive to nurture the faith of all children at their own development levels.

To learn more, contact Lee Ritchie, Minister of Children and Families at 336-725-8767 or


As our children grow, we help them develop their relationship with God through scripture. No matter who they are, we want to meet all students wherever they are in life, and be involved in their lives both inside and outside the church. Our hope is that our youth will discover and strengthen their faith as we walk with them in this stage of their journey to God.

To learn more, contact Dane Martin, Minister of Students at 336-725-8767 or

College Students

We seek to provide support and guidance to our college-aged members, so they know that we care for them. Our ministry provides an outlet for students to grow as leaders, develop their skills, and be molded in their faith. We want our students to feel a sense of belonging, whether they are joining us during their time away from home or if Winston-Salem is already their home. All students are invited to join us and make our church a part of their journey in faith at this stage in their lives.

To learn more, contact Dane Martin, Minister of Students at 336-725-8767 or


At this stage in our lifetime journey, our ministry is joined by disciples who seek to further transform their faith and become more Christ-like. We believe that through study and practice, we strive to be more like Christ. The Bible is our curriculum and all other material is merely supplemental.

For more information, contact Gina Brock, Associate Pastor at 336-725-8767 or

Invitation and Hospitality

Our Invitation and Hospitality ministry seeks to extend a sense of welcome through engagement with and encouragement to our visitors and new members. We seek to share the love of Jesus with others by extending genuine hospitality, and provide paths and opportunities to develop community with others, as well as a personal relationship with Christ. We welcome and encourage everyone to connect through worship, Bible study, and fellowship.

To learn more, contact DeNeal Fowler, Minister of Invitation & Hospitality at 336-725-8767 or

Congregational Care

Care and compassion embody the works of our Congregational Care ministry. This ministry is nestled within the community of faith at Ardmore and allows us to practice our belief in caring for others. In learning to care for each other, we are able to better care for those in our Winston-Salem community and beyond.

Here are just a few examples of our Congregational Care outreach activities.

  • Ardmore Connections: Every month, small groups of 6-8 people gather for a meal or dessert at one person’s home to strengthen and enjoy the bonds of fellowship.
  • Home Ministry Team: Monthly visits with our valued church members who are unable to attend services themselves due to age or health.
  • Movie Night Out: Once a month, a group of adults gathers at the church to watch a movie and discuss the themes and their ideas. Popcorn and other snacks are provided, and guests are always welcome!

To learn more, contact Gina Brock, Associate Pastor at 336-725-8767 or

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