Last week during family dinner at my house, Jason was wearing a t-shirt from Passport Kids Camp that told about doing the mission of God. Warren is learning to read, so he saw a phrase that he sounded out – “Love in action” – and asked what it meant. We explained to him that God wants us to show love to people because God loves us. We show love in action by being helpful and caring for people. Then we talked about ways we have seen love in action and compared examples of actions that are not showing love.
From that conversation, we decided to have a nightly dinner talk about where we see love in action. We each share what we saw that day and then thank God for those who put love into action. Last night we talked about how Warren’s teachers greet him with kindness each day as he exits the car to go to school. Then we gave thanks for a couple of children who shared toys with him. Lastly, I was thankful for someone coming to help me when I asked for help. There are so many expressions of God’s love in action each and every day if we just stop and notice them.
I invite each of you to join us in a “love in action” conversation around your dinner table. You just might be surprised where God’s love is being shown and noticed. It certainly has helped our family identify where God’s work is happening every day.
– Lee Ritchie

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