Last month we took twenty 3rd-6th grade children to Passport Kids Camp. For some children, this is their first time away from home. The youngest children might be making their bed for the first time as well as trying to get oriented to their surroundings. It’s a steep learning curve.

On the first day after dinner we were rounding up the children to head to worship and realized we were missing a 3rd grader. We had just seen him not a minute before, but now we couldn’t find him. We checked the restroom, the porch, and the other side of the building. A chaperone looked up the mountain and spotted him. We called to him and he came straight back. I told him with concern that he couldn’t walk off. He had to stick with us. Tears filled his eyes and he said he couldn’t find us. I hugged him and told him I was glad he was okay.

At that moment, one of our 6th graders walked up, put his arm around the younger boy, and said, “You just stick with me and you won’t get lost. We’ll stay together and it will be okay.” Immediately, these two were buddies, the older looking out for the younger. God is at work at camp in big ways as the children learn how to be God’s followers. But make no mistake, God is at work in all the small ways, too. Knowing this young child had a friend to look out for him at camp meant comfort and security. I praise God for children who show this kind of compassion.
– Lee Ritchie

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