An Intergenerational Family Musical Offering

What a joy it was this past Sunday to experience family members sharing their musical talents in worship together! The mother-daughter flute duet with Karen and Christy Van Nostrand was so beautifully offered in worship as was the Browning Trio with siblings Sierra, Avery, and Spencer. I am always amazed when families like these and others such as the George Moore family, the Isley family, and the Bissette family share their musical talents together. I give thanks for this intergenerational and family musical sharing that is present at Ardmore Baptist. It enriches our worship and is a testimony of how important music is in the lives of our families. I look forward to experiencing many more musical family offerings in the future!
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123, New Lenox, Chicago IL 60606

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8:00am, 9:15am, 11:00am