Ardmore Baptist Church has responded to Hurricane Florence recovery efforts in amazing, God-led ways.

As of October 29, people at Ardmore have donated over $38,000 to CBF (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship) and NC Baptists on Mission to provide direct support to those affected in Eastern N.C. In addition, three teams totaling 22 individuals have worked out of Cape Carteret Baptist Church tearing out flooded homes, clearing debris, and ministering to the people.

As Kirk Buckner said, “I was reminded, in very tangible ways, that when Christians work together to help those in need, we can accomplish more than is seemingly possible.”

Other team members wrote:

Every resident “down east” suffered various forms of loss. They all are moving on, one way or another. In some cases they have nothing else, except the need to move on. What I MOST marvel at is the broad range of caring people who have been able to go help. Many of us are retired. We come back tired, but lest we get too proud of what we have done, there was 83 year old Betty Zimmerman doing her best alongside of us. Others have taken time off, days away from careers, professions, families, even babies, all pulling together to help, to assist, and to do what God says: To love one another!
– Bob Spears

It is easy to feel helpless during the wake of a disaster. We wonder how we can make a difference when so many people have lost so much. My trip to Swansboro, NC, following Hurricane Florence, reminded me that God calls us to be the hands and feet of Christ. Physically our team “gutted two houses.” We piled insulation, sheet rock, and tons of trash out front of each house. Emotionally our team showed love, compassion, and a willingness to experience this difficult and painful journey with hurting families. While both aspects were helpful, the emotional support was what made the biggest difference. Just being present, listening to their stories, and sharing in a time of prayer, was the true blessing. As is often the case, both the one being served and the one that serves receives a blessing. I left Swansboro feeling grateful for this mission opportunity, encouraged that God used our team to offer hope, and a joy that comes only when we join our individual skills and abilities together as one in the body of Christ.
– Elizabeth Gordon 

I was reminded, in very tangible ways, that when Christians work together to help those in need, we can accomplish more than is seemingly possible.
– Kirk Buckner

 What a blessing to be able to serve God and his children, all while being able to get to better know our own brothers and sisters in Christ while doing it. I can’t think of a more rewarding way to serve.
– Jeff McIntyre

What a wonderful three days I was able to share with all the Christian men and women. My work was different in that I was able to work with one lady taking out all of her 70 years of collecting dolls and china and stuff animals, etc. one day and the next day place on the side of the road all of the interior from a house the men pulled out to be picked up by the trash later. Thank you for letting this old lady go with you and be so blessed. Ladies, join us next time. ALL of us can help.
– Betty Zimmerman

I was struck by the humility of Don, the site supervisor. He had recently moved to the area to “slow down” but a hurricane hit and he responded with all his energy and skills. He stayed humble with our team while going the extra mile to provide tools and expertise to make our work easier. It was a pleasure to work alongside such a servant.
– Ralph Stocks

Even though our bodies were tired and filthy from the work, we knew we had been the hands and feet of God when we heard the gratitude expressed by Jimmy, a 73-year-old Vietnam vet whose ceiling we replaced, and from David, whose yard we cleared of two downed trees despite the swamp in his back yard, and from the man who called to thank us for the wonderful work we did to strip his house down to studs and sub flooring.
Steve Jolley

Hurricanes and other natural disasters can destroy people’s property and homes, making it seem like an impossible amount of work is required to recover. With God’s help and everyone pitching in as they are able, a lot can be done to bring things back to “normal”.  Helping at times was not prying sheet rock off walls or removing nails from studs but taking the time to listen to those who had lost some or their entire home.
– David Newsome

Relationships are the key factors that punctuate my recent trip to the coast. Some people were so grateful, one family needed what we could not provide, and some were so fatigued it was all they could do to say thank you. Helping in any way we could brought our group together as Team Ardmore by the end of 3 days and built a foundation for future friendships within our church. Accepting that we can’t “fix” every situation is tough. Knowing that we tried our best and that we went out to share that God is always with us in times of difficulty was a blessing.  I think back on the families that we met, unknown to us a week ago, but now in my prayers. How wonderful is God’s love and grace that he will use us and connect us in ways we could never imagine.
– Peggy Trenchard

Being able to use skills that I have to do God’s work allowed me a path to building relationships with others.
– Clark Hopper

 In looking back on last week, this is what I want to remember. Eleven members of a family of faith, working together with each other and other families of faith to provide hope to others.  How much hope we don’t know… but trusting that God had His hand in every minute of our efforts.  I never want to take for granted the families of faith that are working together for the glory of God.
– Mark Ernstes


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