Standing in the narthex after the Pivot graduation, DeNeal Fowler approached and said, “I feel sorry for anyone who didn’t get to be here for this.” It was uplifting and inspiring; a true movement of the Spirit. The six women in Pivot’s first graduating class have set a very high bar for this ministry. They have worked diligently, grown tremendously, and are a witness to us of the power God has if we just let Him take control.

The idea behind Christian Job Corps is that everyone involved is ministered to equally. It is easy for us to assume that we are helping others through Pivot but the reality is that they are helping us just as much if we pay attention to what God is trying to show us. Carol Polk, mentors, volunteers, and participants have ministered to us all through Pivot. Witnessing the graduation certainly drove home that point.
– Mike Nuckolls

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