I have the wonderful privilege of leading high school students in devotions and prayer every Friday morning. While I realize that it might be the chicken biscuits that initially motivate these students to get out of bed a little earlier on Fridays, I also know that it is possible for a Bojangle’s restaurant to become a sanctuary for our souls. God uses these seemingly typical rhythms of our lives to remind us of who He is, how He loves us, and how He is always at work in our lives.

When we gathered last week, we discussed Billy Graham’s life and ministry. We explored the impact of Billy Graham’s commitment to following and serving Christ for over 70 years. And then, when I asked for prayer requests, I was reminded of what servanthood looks like on a more personal level. Several students asked for prayer for Mazie Bumgarner‘s family. You see, Billy Graham and Mazie Bumgarner both went to heaven on February 21st. I was interested to know how these high school students had come to know Mazie. Many told stories of how she had taught them in Vacation Bible School. Her patience, kindness, and eagerness to share about God’s love had made a lasting impression.

Peyton King offered to share her thoughts. Peyton said, “Whenever I saw Mazie, no matter if you knew her or not, she always said hello and treated you like you had known her for years. I remember one year she was my VBS leader and was so sweet and kind, and had a lot of patience since my group was usually pretty big! I remember whenever she prayed during service it felt so heartfelt and sincere and I felt through her words her love of people and God.”

Billy Graham said yes to serving others in Jesus’ name, and so did Mazie. Her service to Christ might not be recounted in national newspapers or broadcast on the news, but it all matters in the Kingdom of God! Serving and loving others right where they are changes lives. How is God calling you to show Christ’s love to others in the everyday rhythms of life?
– DeNeal Fowler

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