Learning to Pray in Bible Sleuths

I must say that Bible Sleuths is one of the richest parts of my week. It is quality time with the children and time studying scripture with them. Right now the children are learning to pray in different ways. Last week they wrote a breath prayer and this week they learned to pray the Examen. The breath prayer is choosing a name for God (Savior, shepherd, Lord, healer) and pairing it with a concise request from God. An example might be: Shepherd, help me walk with you. A person prays this prayer in rhythm with their breath. The Examen is an ancient practice of examining your day with certain questions and knowing God was with you through it. The kid-friendly version is: What made me mad today? What made me sad today? What made me glad today? And what am I sorry about? The children are exploring ways to talk with God and listen for God’s voice. Believe it or not, the children were engaged in 40 minutes of prayer activities last week and they were quiet and introspective. I love that we are providing this space for the children to find God each week.
– Lee Ritchie

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