On Memorial Day weekend 2018, Mr. Larry Mooney attended a wedding in Hickory, NC. During the weekend, Larry suffered a massive heart attack and was transferred to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, just a few blocks from our church. His son (who lives in St. Louis, Missouri) found out our church was close and called. He asked us to check on his father and be the presence of Christ in the absence of their own church family. We did, and a friendship was born.

After a lengthy stay in the hospital, Larry returned home to Illinois. He sent us this letter recently updating us and sharing with us how God has been at work in his life.

October 31, 2018
Dr. Gina Brock
Ardmore Baptist Church
501Miller Street
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103

Dear Dr. Gina Brock:
Just writing you this letter to thank you & your Church for all your prayers, visits, & assistance while I was a patient at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. We were grateful for your Church allowing my wife Connie & my sister Dr. Jan Jones to lodge at your missionary home. In appreciation of this free lodging, Connie & I are enclosing a donation  of $250.00 to the Church for the use of this facility.

Just a quick update on my recovery. After 34 days at Wake Forest,I was transported by ambulance on June 29 to White Oaks Rehabilitation Center in Mt. Vernon,Illinois. This facility is about 10 miles from our home in Dix. I was there for 63 days receiving physical & occupational therapy. I was discharged on August 30 & got to come home on that date. I am walking pretty well with occasional use of a cane. I’m still receiving outpatient physical & occupational therapy @ our local hospital.

Through this unexpected medical emergency & lengthy stay in the two facilities (97 total days), Connie & I had some out of pocket medical expenses, estimated $12,000. Unexpectedly, some of our Church family decided to host a benefit (pulled pork meal, silent auction, & games for kids) @  our local school where Connie & I were teachers for 66 years combined service. The benefit with meal tickets, silent auction items, game tickets for kids, & donations raised an estimated $12,600. So our out of pocket expenses were covered with a few dollars to spare. (God is Good!) My family was completely overwhelmed by the love & support shown to us by our Church Family, The Dix Community, other relatives, & friends.

Again thanks to you, your Church staff, & Deacon staff for all your prayers, visits, & encouragement while I was at Wake Forest. We will never forget the blessing your Church was to us.

Larry Mooney

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