The power of coffee and donuts is simple but strong. Many times it’s the simple things that become the most powerful and impactful things in our life. Recently, to kick off youth week, a group of students and adults went to the WSTA bus station on West Fifth St. We had gone there before but more often in the afternoons. On this morning it was especially cold so we setup with coffee, donuts, snacks, and bottled water. For the next hour and a half we had the privilege of hosting our neighbors and friends, providing them something warm and filling. But we didn’t stop with just the provision of food and drink. We engaged with our neighbors in conversation. We heard about the man who was celebrating his nineteen-year-old daughter’s birthday in a few days. He shared about going bowling. And the lady who simply needed to talk and wanted to come to services at Ardmore Baptist. So many stories, so many people … and then we left, not thinking anymore. Until Sunday when I heard that people at the bus station were still talking about what had been done and continued to share their thankfulness. Then on Monday I received a voice message from a graduate student who had driven by and saw what we were doing at the bus station. She shared the impact it had on her and how she wanted to join in what we were doing. All of these amazing ripples have been felt, all because of this simple drop in the water of providing coffee and donuts. All because we sought to live out the radical message of Jesus, love your neighbor, love your community, love your city even if it’s uncomfortable. I hope in the next week and month you too can live into Jesus’ call to radically love others and see what amazing things happen from it.
– Dane Martin

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