At its April 18th Volunteer Luncheon at Forsyth Country Club, Ardmore Handicrafters were presented the Faith Award by Trellis Supportive Care.

Heidi College, Kate B. Reynolds Volunteer Coordinator explains the award and the contributions our Handicrafters have made.

“The FAITH AWARD recognizes a group or an individual in the community that supports Hospice and our mission. The group that is getting the award this year is truly remarkable. They give monthly supplies of blankets, privacy bags, veterans blankets, dog bone and horseshow pillows, fidget aprons, and much more to our patients at KBR and our homecare patients. Last year, they also made a lasting memory [for] our campers at Camp Carousel [by]creating memory pillows. The campers brought in a piece of clothing or material of their loved one they lost and this group created the most precious memory pillow for each camper to take home with them. It was a very special memory for all including staff and volunteers. We are truly grateful for their continued support.”

We praise God for the comfort and care he is providing to many through our Handicrafters Ministry.

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