Wilma Brown has been a member of Ardmore since 1962 and is a member of the Ladies Community Sunday Bible Study Class. She was initially very hesitant about us doing Fun on the Fifth, but wanted to express her experience during our most recent one on Sunday, September 29:

Change! Something older folks are not very receptive of. Fun on Fifth! With reservations but faithful to worship on Sunday mornings, I marched right off to the first Fun on Fifth. I can’t say it was a good experience. Then it rolled around again. Go or not go? I began to think about my negative attitude. Early in the morning on this second Fun on Fifth I began to pray. I knew I needed to support my church. After all, it is just four times a year. So I asked God to refresh my spirit during Fun on Fifth. It was not long after arriving that I began to enjoy the fellowship with folks – some I had not seen in forever. My attitude began to change. By the end of the worship service I was crying tears of joy. God did refresh my spirit! He turned my attitude into gratitude.
– Wilma Brown

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