J.L. Wilson Guest House Ministry Leaves legacy with SECU Family House

The JL Wilson Guest House has blessed countless families of patients at our local hospitals. When their loved ones were admitted the hospital, the JL Wilson Guest House was available to out-of town families as a home away from home. Family members did not have to worry about the cost of a hotel or travel. They were supported and loved by the ministry team, so they were able provide love and support for their loved one in the hospital.

Over the years many volunteers from Ardmore poured their time and energy into welcoming these loved ones, especially Peggy Neal, LeighAnn Sanders, and Kathryn Hudspeth. For their extension of love and grace, we are grateful! Now, the legacy they created is passing to the SECU Family House.

In 2011, the SECU Family House opened its doors with 45 guest rooms, 24-hour staff support, and the same mission and ministry as the JL Wilson Guest house. Ardmore Baptist Church had actually provided the founders of SECU with a small office space in the years prior to its opening, and supported the launch of the SECU Family House that would come to help so many more families. Over the past few years, the Mission Resources Team was approached with a new need in our community. World Relief was looking for homes to temporarily house refugee families as they transition into permanent homes in our community. With the work of the SECU Family House flourishing, the Mission Resources Team made the decision to partner with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina (CBFNC) and World Relief. The result was to transition the JL Wilson Guest House into the JL Wilson Welcome House which would minister to these refugee families.

While the JL Wilson Guest House Ministry was in operation, many generous contributions were gifted to the Guest House to help pay for upkeep and stocking. These funds were specifically donated for the purpose of helping the families of patients. The Mission Resources Team believed these donations should remain with this type of ministry. So, Ardmore Baptist Church donated these funds, $14,887.50, to our neighboring non-profit which continues this good work at SECU Family House. What a legacy from the work of the JL Wilson Guest House Ministry Team!

The staff at SECU were exceedingly grateful and overwhelmingly encouraging that our house was now being used for refugee families. Kathy Carr, Executive Director, said, “SECU Family House actually started out very small with office space at Ardmore Baptist Church where we grew from. Gloria Griffin, beloved church member, was on our Founding Board and I believe she would be proud of you all for using the house this way.” Thank you, Ardmore Baptist Church, for allowing God to reach families through your loving service and the use of the JL Wilson house.

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