While at Big Stuf, God was at work in our group, in the worship, in the speaking, and in our play. The trip is different and can be intimidating to students who haven’t experienced anything like it. This year we took quite a few students who had never experienced Big Stuf. One particular student was looking to find his place within the group, and at the same time trying to take in what Big Stuf had to offer. During the first day and night he was a little apprehensive, but soon found that the group was supportive of him. Early on this student made a friend of one of our older students who helped guide him through the new experiences they were having. Other students soon followed the lead of the older student and by the middle of the week, every one of the students was accepting and encouraging of this new student. On our last night he found his voice in sharing some of the great things that happened to him this week, and even had the whole room laughing with other comments made. God was at work through the older student who took the time to walk with, encourage, and support the new student who was unsure of everything going on. I remember that Jesus usually went to the person who was the outcast and welcomed him/her back. Jesus showed us that the whole is stronger with everyone connected. When one is weak, another is strong … and those who seem the weakest, or not needed, are actually the ones we need the most. This example from the trip was just one story. There were many other times students were welcomed with open arms to be connected to the whole; to have fun with us, dance with us, eat cookies with us, and celebrate with us. A Christian community with God at work is one that is welcoming, one that shares the love of Christ with all, and one that celebrates and supports each other. During our time at Big Stuf we were able to experience what beloved community looks like. It is infectious. I hope we can continue with actions for which people can’t help but desire more.
– Dane Martin

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