We started this morning by arriving at Carmichael Evangelical Church. Kids started arriving shortly after us, and mayhem followed them. Half of us checked the children in, while the other half played with the kids. We have never been so sweaty so quickly and more tired as the day went on. It was a great feeling. They were so excited to have a place to go and play with people they never met, but as if we’d all been friends for years. The energy was kept high while we opened in the church with music blasting and balls being bounced around the room. The theme song brought everybody together, and the skit focused the children in on the theme.

With a massive turnout of over 90 kids, splitting them up was the way to go. It allowed for better focus and contained energy in the different activities. Bible study worked well when we got the kids involved and let them act out the scripture as we read. Recreation allowed for a release of a lot of energy, crafts gave them something to remember the message, and music brought fun to the message. Snack was pure chaos, but everyone got something to eat and drink. Everyone was a little fuller than when they got there, which was goal. Getting them to leave after snack was hard, not only because there was so many of them, but because they wanted to stay which made it near heartbreaking.

We had to postpone the service project, but this opened time to tour the island. We didn’t just sight see while learning the culture and history of the island, but we saw several different parts of life. The contrast between the tourist center and pretty much the rest of the island was shocking. We took several pictures but the most breathtaking sight we went to was the Queen’s Staircase. It’s a completely man-made ravine with 65 steps down into it, carved by hand by slaves many years ago.

We were able to spend time not just with the kids, but with each other. We learned a lot about both groups and came closer to everyone we were around. Devotion time allows for us all to get closer and build good chemistry with a lot of laughs, allowing for an overall better functioning group. This day was a day for building relationships and setting a good foundation for the rest of the week.

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