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College ministry at Ardmore Baptist Church focuses on connecting with students on their terms and meeting them where they are in life. For us, this means meeting them on their campus and supporting them. Our desire is to stay connected to students from the church who are away at school and establish relationships, engage with students, and build community with those students who are in Winston-Salem.
Caring with Cards

We believe that simple and small acts can make sure a big impact on the lives of students. Every month or two we look to mail cards of encouragement. These cards are meant to be unexpected notes that are simple reminders to students that we continue to remember them. Everyone wants to be known and remembered, especially with a note in the mail. Caring with Cards is a way to connect with students wherever they might be. We are always looking for more adults to write a card to students every month.

Care Packages

We understand that going to college can be a hard transition for freshmen students. Each year, after a month of school we look to send freshmen students a giftcard and card which shares they continue to be thought about and prayed for. We also know that all college students enjoy receiving things from home, no matter how close or far away they are. We look at care packages as a way to share with students that they have not been forgotten, but continue to be loved, supported, and prayed for. We need adults to bake, pack the boxes, and send the packages each year.


When students return to Winston-Salem we seek to reconnect and reestablish community through variety of trips and activities. We also want to retain connections with students in town through these activities and adult connections built during the school year.


We as a college ministry are currently thinking through what it looks like to connect with, minister to, and provide community for college aged students. We are sharing a short survey to all college aged students to share their feedback about what they need. We see the need for in person gathering space but at the same time we want to invite students who want to connect but cannot be physically present to have a virtual space.


+UNC School of the Arts
We support UNCSA through connecting with them via the Listening Post. The Listening Post is a ministry under Cooperative Campus Ministry that weekly checks in with students, asks how things are going and how a student is doing, and provides a calming and non-anxious presence for students.
+Wake Forest University
We connect with Wake Forest University through the Baptist Student Union. In supporting the BSU we seek to support the entire campus. Support for students varies from an ice cream social, to providing food once a month for their weekly bible studies, and being open to opportunities of service together in our city.

Spark Your Interest?

Please call Dane Martin, Minister of Students at 336-725-8767 or send him a message at to get connected!
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8:00am, 9:15am, 11:00am