After spending most of the week fighting the flu, I somehow survived the trip to Cavalcante (Four hours in a twenty-year-old van on not the best roads!) and got prepared to preach to the women. I was still sick, but I knew that people would pray me through it. When the event finally started, my voice suddenly came back strong and sure. I preached from the heart, and the women responded. They cried, begged for prayers, and some of them told me some pretty remarkable things. One woman named Vera came to me and showed me her baby. “Do you remember how you prayed with me that God would give me a child? Here he is. God answered your prayers.” The next woman who talked with me told me that she had accepted Jesus from that first encounter I had with the thirty women a year and a half ago, and now helps the missionary. The next woman, named Janey, could only cry and beg me to pray for her. She wants to be a Christian, but she is afraid. The meeting went long, and when we finally got to bed, I realized I had made it through a long, arduous meeting and felt no pain. Hallelujah! I got up early this morning and went to help in Sunday School. The children of the young women to whom I had preached were there for Sunday School. Children are not my strong suit, to be sure, but I was willing to do anything the Lord led me to do. Suddenly, without my expecting it, the Brasilian missionary turned to me and said, “Say something to these kids. They want to hear from you.” I had been listening to her teaching them Scripture verses from memory, and the Holy Spirit just led me from there. I talked with them about the treasure chest they were filling in the chambers of their hearts, putting in pearls and jewels of Scripture that they could call upon at any time or place or circumstance all their lives. They listened with perfect silence, enraptured with the idea. When I finished the missionary told me that I had given her fodder for further work with Scripture verses. One of the pastors from the mother church in Brasília told me that he not only liked the idea of the treasure chest, but wanted to use it in his own sermon. So, after a lot of hugs and sorrow, we drove away and back to Brasília to prepare for tomorrow’s flight back to the States. This has been such an eventful mission trip, both in Curitiba and Brasília.

-Sandy Simmons

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