Over the past three years I have seen God at work in a very powerful way in the life of a special young person we call Gustavo. Gustavo has quite a testimony of how Jim and Rosemary Davidson, Sandy Simmons, and Ardmore Baptist church have shaped his musical talent, his faith journey, and his calling. It is rare that one comes across a college student who is so incredibly gifted, who shares his musical talent so freely as an offering to God, who has such a deep faith, and who shares his faith in Christ so openly with other college students at his school. This young man we have grown to love and admire will be a senior this year at the NC School of the Arts. Below is a letter Gustavo wanted to share with our church. He is doing mission work in Brazil as I write this. When he returns he will attend one of the most prestigious summer music camps in the world, the Heifetz Summer String Festival.
– David Fitzgerald

Dear members of Ardmore Baptist Church,
I would like to express my gratitude and my appreciation for all the love, kindness, support, and friendship that Ardmore has given me over the course of the last three years. This church has become my family, and has helped me and guided me not only spiritually, but emotionally, financially, and socially as well; I feel adopted by such caring and loving people. God has enabled me to accomplish wonderful things since I became part of this community, through my music and my calling, and he has used many of you to support, encourage, and inspire me in many ways. I pray that God will keep blessing each member of this wonderful congregation, and keep using your lives to share your light with other people in the future. Thank you so much, Ardmore Baptist!
With Love,
– Gustavo Antoniacomi

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