The phone rings and I do not recognize the number. Thinking about not answering, well, forget that; I answered anyway. The conversation went something like this: “Hi Randy, this is Gina.” Now I am thinking, “What in the world? What is going on?” She then asks, “Would you write,” and so on the explanation goes. All the while I am thinking, “You’re kidding, right?” Who, I ask you, can turn the task down when it glorifies God? So I say yes and she says, “By the way it is 300 words and due by Friday.” Well folks, here goes, only 97 words so far, let us see what God has and is doing.

Due to a group study revolving around the book Bread and Wine and weekly discussion, this has been the most meaningful Lent/Easter period in my life. You see, retiring from the State Prison System as a Chaplain and being involved in 36 executions, it takes a toll. Working in a system that begins to reflect values (or lack of) of the incarcerated leaves scars and memories that are not all positive.

But God sent a healing balm! The different authors, themes, and views of our causation in the death of Christ were made very real to me. It was also made clear to me that “I am in the hands of Jesus” due to his death and resurrection.
Abiding in His resurrection and facing His Grace over and over has worked as a healing balm in my life. God has been really good to me in the past months and I have been reminded that Jesus wants to take my scars, and He has, and is continuing to take them.

Thank you God for using Ardmore, its people and fellowship.
– Randy Speer

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