November 2, 2023

Guest writer: Lee Ritchie

Each child in our Children’s Ministry is going through so much change…spiritual, emotional, social, mental, and physical.  I recently looked back through the pictures on my phone and was reminded of just how much our children have changed just in the last year!  Of course, the physical changes are the easiest to spot, but their spiritual development is blossoming as well.  Have you ever noticed that you are best able to understand where God is when you take time to reflect?  One of the most meaningful parts of Children’s Sunday, for me, is the chance to invite the children to put words to their faith and name how and where they know they have journeyed with God.  They reflect on where God has been thus deepening their trust in who God is and how they can continue to trust God in the days to come.

Now maybe you’re wondering why we’re having Children’s Sunday in November.  Didn’t we just have it last May?  Yes, we did.  This year we’re trying something different in order to meet the children where they are.  You may not be aware, but May and into June are high stress months for our 3rd-6th grade children as they prepare for end of year testing at school.  Before the pandemic and especially after it, I’ve seen our children holding more stress and anxiety.  We want to support our children by taking the pressure off at church.  Church should be a place of welcome, encouragement, and equipping so here we are with Children’s Sunday on November 12.

There is good and challenge in having Children’s Sunday this early in the school year.  The good is that we take some pressure off of them to have everything just right.  The challenge is that the children don’t have as many weeks to polish their music as in years past. (Praise God that our purpose isn’t to be polished, but to be formed and transformed.) What I can tell you is that our children will be bringing their best selves to offer their wholehearted worship to God in this day.  I invite you to join me as we pray for the children as they prepare to lead us in meeting God in worship…as we are all still on the journey with God.  And I invite you to join us on November 12 for Children’s Sunday as we consider A Meal That Invites from Luke 14:15-21.  See ya there!

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