March 28, 2024

We are in the midst of Holy Week, the most sacred time of the year for those who follow Jesus. But it can be hard to remember that. After all, the world may not celebrate Christmas in the same way that we do, but at least the world pauses and allows us to catch our breath during the Yuletide season. Easter, however, is often crammed next to Spring Break, March Madness, and other springtime obligations. One family in our church told me that, for the first time ever, their kid’s coach is asking everyone to be at a practice on Easter Sunday. When one of the parents protested, the coach sent them a response that said, “Sorry, but there’s just no other good time.”

This isn’t me lamenting that people aren’t taking Holy Week seriously enough and I am not pining for some “good ole days” where things were different. I have three kids; I get it. The demands on our time and attention as a family are overwhelming.

But I keep reflecting on that coach’s response: “There’s just no other good time.”

Holy Week is about time. It is about carving out time to reflect on events that took place across the world over two millennia ago. On Maundy Thursday, we reflect on a sacred meal amongst friends that was infused with even deeper meaning as one of those friends washed the feet of the others. On Good Friday, we reflect on an evening in which Love was seemingly defeated by Death. On Holy Saturday, Christians have traditionally spent the day in complete silence to remember the time Jesus spent in the tomb (you think I could convince my children to observer this ancient practice?). And then on Easter Sunday, we boisterously rejoice in the light of Resurrection as we usher in the fresh grace of God.

I know there are many, many demands on your time and I know that the obligations you and your family have are legion. But I want to implore and encourage you to take, make, and protect the time to reflect on the events of this Holy Week.

Here are some ways to enter into reflection this week:

  • Maundy Thursday – Join us for our Maundy Thursday service on March 28 at 7:00 PM in the Sanctuary. We will reflect on both Communion and the cross as we worship together.
  • Good Friday – This year we want to encourage you to find a way to reflect on the cross in your own life. Or consider attending a Good Friday service at a local congregation in a different tradition than ours (Anglican, Catholic, Episcopalian, etc.).
  • Holy Saturday – While you may not be able to spend the entire day in silence, take a few moments to move through this liturgy on Holy Saturday: Holy Saturday Liturgy
  • Easter Sunday – Take the time to be with us for Easter Sunday worship at Ardmore Baptist Church at either 8:15 or 10:45 AM. There is such joy found in celebrating the resurrection together as a community of faith.
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