February 15, 2024

In just a few days, I will be headed to Cannon Beach, Oregon for my first in-person course as part of my Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Spiritual Formation program through George Fox University. I have been so very grateful for the many ways that you all have been supportive of me during this journey and I want to give an update on what I will be doing during my time away.

My readings for this semester have revolved around the inner world of the leader. We’ve read books that explore Christian spirituality, differentiation within a system, internal family therapy philosophy, and personality differences. Each week we have an assigned reading portion and then we have reflection time online with our peers on what we have gleaned from our readings. Additionally, my class has been meeting on Monday mornings (thank you so much to all of the Staff for moving our Staff Meetings to Tuesdays!).

I have also continued to research what will be my final project. Last semester I conducted some research workshops on feelings of personal loneliness and social isolation amongst clergy (the statistics are very, very sobering). This semester I am doing research on the biblical and theological foundations for the role of friendship in our spiritual lives.

I will head to Oregon on Sunday, February 18 and return late on Tuesday, February 27. Just as an aside: I really, really try my best to avoid being gone two Sundays in a row, but the timing of this trip could not be helped. However, you will be well-served by two wonderful preachers while I am away: Brian Foreman, Coordinator for Congregational Ministries for CBF, will preach on February 18 and our amazing Associate Pastor, Gina Brock, will preach on February 25.

While in Cannon Beach, I will meet my cohort face-to-face for the first time as we engage in intense classes around spiritual formation. We will also be engaging in contemplative prayer, Taizé worship, and one-on-one meetings with our professors.

I will miss you all during my time away and I covet your prayers. Selfishly, please pray that I will be able to be fully present for what God would like to do during my time in Oregon. I know that Jess and the kids would also welcome your prayers (how are they going to survive without my obnoxious singing and HILARIOUS jokes for a week and a half?!). And, as always, thank you for the wonderful Staff and other leaders at Ardmore Baptist Church who are loving enough to allow me this time away.

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