A Cup of Change 01.05.2023

January 5, 2023

I love to take walks. I have some favorite trails where I am content just aimlessly walking around for hours. But there is a big difference between aimless walking and walking to get to a destination. We Americans don’t do much of that type of walking; I have laughed at myself before that I will drive two miles one way to a park in order to walk four miles on a trail!

When we walk to reach a destination, we have to rely on some help. We need signs and guidance along the way. Our spiritual lives are often described as a walk. Our destination is to grow closer to our Creator, but we need signs and guidance along the way.

Beginning on Sunday, January 8, we will be starting a new sermon series called The Walk. Together we will look at six spiritual practices that help to guide us as we walk the road of discipleship. During each of these weeks I am going to challenge you to consider how you can integrate these practices into your life.

  • January 8 – The Walk: Worship and Prayer
  • January 15 – The Walk: Study
  • January 22 – The Walk: Give
  • January 29 – The Walk: Community
  • February 5 – The Walk: Serve
  • February 12 – The Walk: Share

I look forward to walking this road with you, sisters and brothers!

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