In Cambodia, Christian music often leads young people to go to church or Christian gatherings because of the appeal of the joyful sounds. In contrast, the national religion of Buddhism has no music for singing. At the Shelter of Love Center children’s home that I started, Christian music is an important part of life. A favorite story for me happened when an 18-month-old boy went to live there. His mother lived on the streets of Phnom Penh and could not care for him. When Pich was about two years old his house parents resigned and I became the interim house mother until new parents could be selected. At first he missed his house mother when it was bedtime, so I would rock him and sing Jesus Loves Me. After a few nights he would get in his bed and I would sit in the chair and sing until he went to sleep. A few weeks later Pich was standing behind me riding in my truck when I heard his little voice begin to sing Jesus Loves Me and he sang the verse and chorus that I had sung to him many nights, not missing a word. The song had soothed Pich in a time of transition in his life. He is seven years old now and still sings this special song as well as many more that he has learned in both English and Khmer, his national language.
– Sue Singleton, missionary to Cambodia

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