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Anything the Lord Leads Me to Do

Anything the Lord Leads Me to Do

After spending most of the week fighting the flu, I somehow survived the trip to Cavalcante (Four hours in a twenty-year-old van on not the best roads!) and got prepared to preach to the women. I was still sick, but I knew that people would pray me through it. When the event finally started, my voice suddenly came back strong…

Staff Picks: Stories that are Good and True

Quaker pastor Philip Gulley captured my imagination right around the time Chip and I married. His stories are ones to curl up in a chair with. The apostle Paul wrote, “Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable … think about these things.” Gulley’s stories allow what is good and…

Prepared for Something Else

Summer is here ! This time of year brings trips, vacations, and other fun things. Kids are out of school and feel free from the stressors of home work and tests. The summer is such a great time! But what if this summer wasn’t just about the trips and down time? What if this summer you were being prepared for…

An Intergenerational Family Musical Offering

What a joy it was this past Sunday to experience family members sharing their musical talents in worship together! The mother-daughter flute duet with Karen and Christy Van Nostrand was so beautifully offered in worship as was the Browning Trio with siblings Sierra, Avery, and Spencer. I am always amazed when families like these and others such as the George…

Follow Me

Jason Cockerham, Justin Jones, and I served at the Samaritan Inn homeless shelter recently. “It’s easy,” Jason said as he implored others in our Sunday Bible Study the next day to serve. “Ya’ll ought to do it.” The fact that it is my job to recruit people to do missions sometimes seems to make it less appealing and easier for…

Shaping Children and Being Shaped by Them

Shaping Children and Being Shaped by Them

One Wednesday night during Prayer, Praise, and Proclamation, Pastor Lee Ritchie began discussing her plan for our church to become intentionally intergenerational. You know, a safe, secure place where the young, the teens, the toddlers, and all other generations would begin to develop a more caring lifestyle toward each other. Lee suggested that I might want to volunteer time and…

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